Warranty Policy

Since 2013, Nonplus Ultra has been working closely with our principal brand partners across the world to develop a system to support our business growth in India. We understand that while it is important to grow the range of products that we offer to the local market here, it is equally important that we have a robust after-sales policy to service our reputed clients across India.

Nonplus Ultra has a clear policy of after sales service and support for all brands represented in the territory of India. We achieve this with the support from manufacturers from their respective countries, together with our local trained AV partners across India and our experienced technical team members at Nonplus Ultra.

All the brands that we represent are European high-quality engineered products. In the event of hardware issue, we have selective spare parts in stock for swift remedy, and in most cases on-site service should suffice. All software-related issues will be remedied on-site, and may be attended by Nonplus Ultra’s engineer if required, together with the installer.

During warranty period, all costs of replacement and labour will be covered by Nonplus Ultra. Products to be repaired or returned under warranty must be returned to Nonplus Ultra’s main service center in Bangalore with all transportation and insurance charges prepaid by the client. If warranty period has lapsed, a service bill will be presented to the client, and once agreed, Nonplus Ultra will proceed to resolve the respective issues.

Nonplus Ultra obligation under these warranties is limited to replacing any component found defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use with an equal and/or current product. These warranties shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified, or disassembled.

Nonplus Ultra’s service scope does not include installation, which will be carried out by the client-appointed AV integrator.

The following is our after-sales service and support policy for all brands represented by Nonplus Ultra in the territory of India.

Brands Country Warranty
Loewe Germany 2 years, Display panel 1 year
Agath France 2 years
Revox Switzerland Passive speakers 5 years, Electronics 2 years
iRoom Austria 2 years
TruAudio USA Passive speakers – limited lifetime, Subwoofer, outdoor speakers and electronics – 5 years
VSSL USA 2 years
Forge USA Limited lifetime
Padimount USA 2 years
Adeo Screen Italy 5 years, Structural components – 2 years

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