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TruAudio definitely breaks the mold when it comes to speaker manufacturing. Constantly on the cutting edge of speaker technology and innovation, we strive to raise the bar when it comes to speaker design.

TruAudio’s Lifetime Warranty

Now, if all that’s not enough, we back all this with a lifetime warranty. No wonder TruAudio is quickly becoming the choice for custom architectural speakers.

TruAudio was founded upon the idea that a quality, custom, home theater or multi-room audio installation requires a professional. Having begun as custom installers ourselves, we continuously strive to be the type of speaker manufacturing company with whom, we would like to do business. It is from these observations that we built the soul of our company and give you the following promises and commitments.

Backed with that knowledge and experience, we founded TruAudio to design and manufacture a full line of premium custom audio products. We go to great lengths to make sure that we offer speakers that blend into the room’s decor while still delivering unforgettable, life-like sound. Whether it’s whole-house sound during a house party or simply relaxing on the couch enjoying your favorite DVD, TruAudio will enhance your audio experience like no other architectural speaker can.

TruAudio speakers are constructed with materials proven to perform. This includes the right mixture of woven carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and polypropylene. Every crossover is built to match each driver and then tested to make sure it delivers to pure perfection. For our architectural speakers, we assemble the components into a high-grade, flush-mount ABS frame that mounts into your wall or ceiling – almost disappearing. With cabinet speakers we use specially designed MDF wood wrapped in either a high-end vinyl or real wood veneer. This ensures a long-lasting, elegant look as well as guarantees precise acoustical reproduction.

Our future-focused vision stems from our past. We previously owned a nationally recognized home electronics integration company. During this period, we designed and installed thousands of home theaters and multi-room audio systems. Needless to say, we gained valuable knowledge in what consumers expect and need from an audio speaker.

TruAudio Product Categories

In-wall / In-ceiling
In-wall / In-ceiling
All ghost series speakers come with a patented 2-millimeter reveal magnetic frameless grill. The rimless grill attaches easily and covers the lip. Once installed, no part of the speaker shows except for the grill, making the speaker disappear into the installation environment. Making the speaker a true labor and time saver!
Home Cinema
Home Cinema
State-of-the-art, in-wall, home theater speakers that will rival any cabinet speaker. The B23 Series was designed specifically for the audiophile. Each model is constructed with an annodized, aluminum plate housing and installed with a custom retrofittable MDF enclosure to ensure exact air space control and the tightest audio your ears have ever heard. For home theaters that need lots of power, the jaw-dropping performance of the B23 will leave you in awe.
Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speakers
TruAudio's Acoustiscape speakers bring a new dimension to outdoor audio. Available in a 4.5" and 6" version, the Acoustiscape is designed to not only blend into any landscape, but provide rich sound with amazing amount of volume. Flexible mounting options, robust design, and weatherproof quality make the Acoustiscape perfect for any outdoor installation.
Custom Soundbar
Custom Soundbar
The TruAudio Custom Length Soundbar is an innovative solution adding high quality audio to your flat panel TV. These customizable soundbars are cut to the TV’s exact width and will work with any flat panel TV or projection screen between 42” and 90” wide. They also have the thinnest profile among competitors and are available in two performance levels; carbon fiber or polypropylene drivers. TruAudio’s patent pending front wire pass-through design allows dealers to install with ease and terminate wires from the front. It is designed to match any home audio system, whether it is a center channel, stereo, or LCR configuration.

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