Defining sound for almost 70 years.

Introducing Revox Voxnet

The Voxnet system offers a user-centric operating concept. Enter a room and select your name. Your own personal choice of music then follows you from room to room, whichever part of the house you are in. Your music is played in the rooms of your choosing, fully synchronised and in immaculate CD quality. Using the technological power of an Ethernet network, Voxnet offers a perfect mobile sound experience – the premier class multi-user system.

Defining sound for almost 70 years

Renowned for its unique design and ingeniously constructed products, the Revox brand offers the ultimate in multi-system compatibility, adhering to the simple underlying philosophy that whatever the function, whatever the technology, anything is possible. Pivotal to this Revox philosophy is a drive to create no-fuss, minimalistic solutions, unique the world over in terms of technological edge and unparalleled Revox professionalism.

The most advanced technology is only of benefit if it serves the user. The unique Revox system offers its owner a maximum of functionality and design freedom, with a minimum of operating effort. A uniform, intuitive operating concept, where the most important functions can be called at the press of a single button, combined with a consistent, modular construction of the complete system, make the user the master of his own entertainment.

It has always been special to be the owner of a Revox product. And, thanks to an awesome range of excellent speakers in many different sizes and power ranges, which offer impressive design or the subtlety to blend in with their surroundings, exclusive sound solutions can be designed to meet individual tastes. With the Revox Multiroom System, users can control their entertainment to match their personal desires – in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Enjoy your own individual audio and video world, with exclusive design, brilliant pictures and excellent sound.

Product Categories

Joy Products
Joy Products
For the Joy family Revox offers a big choice of different loudspeaker products. Starting at the Re:sound G mini for smaller rooms with a surprising sound up to the Re:sound G prestige for the best audio experience.
Audio Systems
Audio Systems
Whether as audiophile Stereo System, as modular Home Cinema Amplifier or even as intelligent Multiroom Controller in the utility room in your cellar, the innovative Revox systems provide for an excellent music pleasure with straight sound and voice reproduction and turn your home into a concert hall.
Multiroom System
Multiroom Systems
Whether waking up to your favourite radio channel, relaxing to music in the bath, listening to the latest hits in the kids’ bedrooms or enjoying your Home Cinema in Dolby Surround, the Revox Multiroom System offers you a world of audiophile sound wherever you want it, whenever you want it.
Revox has been developing speaker systems that deliver extraordinary sound experiences for over 40 years. Their objective has always been to create speakers that deliver authentic reproduction, produce impressive sound and make listening to music an unbeatable sensual experience.

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