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The world as a guest in your home, and everything under control.

Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver

For many decades now, Revox has developed excellent sound quality outputs for its amplifiers. And Revox has also remained true to this tradition with the Revox Joy products.

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Everything under control

A further feature is that the Revox Joy products can adjust the current Revox speakers perfectly to the amplifier. Fine adjustments to the speaker frequency response ensure musical enjoyment that is even more precise and at the same time, softer.

Awesome audio quality

The latest version of the Revox Joy S120 also supports high resolution audio formats up to 192 kHz / 24 Bit. Experience music with your Joy as it was recorded in the studio. Perfect sound in unique Studio Master Quality.

The world as a guest in your home

The Revox Joy gives you easy access to a wide range of digital content from your home network and from the Internet. Experience music and podcasts from around the world through the Integrated Internet radio. More than 12,000 radio stations and over 2,000,000 podcasts that are updated and extended daily are just a few button-presses away.

Revox Joy Symphony – Powerful and convincing

You don’t have a lot of space available but you don’t want to compromise on excellent audio quality? Revox has developed the Joy Symphony to handle just such situations. The Swiss audio specialists have integrated two powerful speakers with an impressively pure sound picture into a housing that is just 14 x 50 x 30 cm. Alongside more than 20,000 Internet radio stations and countless podcasts, music can be streamed from all UPnP storage media in the home network or played directly from USB sticks and smartphones. You can even connect your television through two digital inputs.

As well as through its classic design, in silver-grey with black speaker grilles or completely in white, the Symphony also stands out through its high-quality,
multi-braced wooden housing and its true aluminium operating panel. The unit, which may appear to have a somewhat understated effect as a result of the reduced language of its shape, reveals its full potential, once it is switched on.

Simplest operation of Joy

The most convenient and the easiest option is to use the Revox Joy S208 remote control. Operating the system and selecting music is simplicity itself, thanks to the informative colour display and the classical buttons on the remote control.

Control with iOS and Android devices

Revox offers many small but important and useful features within the Revox Joy range of functions. Two alarm clocks can be set up to meet your individual requirements, e.g. one for working days and one for a later time, to give you a bit of a lie-in at the weekends. You can define the source and the required volume for each of the alarm settings. Using a Sleep function, the Revox Joy can be switched off at night after a preset time, allowing you to fall gently to sleep to the sound of your favourite music. Revox has even thought about power-napping and has integrated a timer option. This can be set to switch the system on after periods of up to 60 minutes.

The internal values of Joy

The Revox Joy doesn’t just stand out as a result of its timeless design and the high-quality materials used to build it. Only the best was good enough for what goes on inside as well. The fully integrated output, in pulse width modulation technology, is amongst the best to be found on the market. Large cooling elements are not needed with this technology because the PWM technology has an efficiency factor of over 90%. Music lovers can hear and experience the result of this intensive development work, every time they listen to their Revox Joy.

Ample connectivity

As well as the top-class streaming option with LAN, WLAN and USB, the Revox Joy also offers a range of traditional audio inputs and outputs. Two analogue AUX inputs facilitate the integration of numerous traditional audio sources. There are also audio inputs for connecting products such as the Revox Joy audio server or even an AppleTV. For this purpose, there are two optical and two coaxial SPDIF inputs available.

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