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Time has become precious in our ever more hectic world. Moments of quiet and contemplation are rare assets that need to be cherished.

CD-Laufwerk mbl 1621 A

Its highly selective CDM Pro drive-unit can perfectly render even the most nuanced signal. Free from all forms of interference, it works on the inside of the housing which itself resembles a strong box built for all eternity. To give the highest level of stability, the drive-unit is mounted on a solid block dislocated from its surroundings by a finely tuned sub-chassis. you only hear the unadulterated signal in its pure form.

D/A Converter mbl 1611 F

The mbl 1611 F and its advanced converter concept bonds supreme control of bass and loud signals from the multibit modules with the harmonic registers and natural dimensions of the Delta-Sigma converter domain.

Preamplifier mbl 6010 D – the quest for excellence

The audiophile masterpiece among MBL preamplifiers is the best proof of the quest for excellence. Experts call it „The Preamplifier“ for a good reason. You will be overwhelmed by its analytical, highly differentiated as well as warm and virtuosic sound pattern – from the most difficult levels down to the deepest bass passages. We really can say: Only the best is good enough.

Mono / Stereo Power Amplifier mbl 9011 A

Just as a musician selects special strings, drumsticks, mouthpieces or bows for particular pieces of music, the 9011 uses a range of specialised amplifier transistors precisely and meticulously coordinated with one another.

Radialstrahler mbl 101 X-treme

Experience the pure energy of the music – just as though you were present at the original performance. A loudspeaker in which MBL have taken conservation of energy to its ultimate consequence: all bass, middle and high tone units are fully coordinated with one another and function on an axis of 180 degrees.

The two subwoofer towers can be actively fitted to the room to avoid erasement and ensure transmission of the full music signal.

No matter where you are in your living room, you have an amazingly natural and realistic aural and emotional experience, just as if the sound were live. What exactly is the technology, what ingenious principle is really behind all
this sonic magic? We would like to let you in on some secrets and take you on a journey to explore the world of omni-directional sound… the world of the MBL Radialstrahler…

Radialstrahler mbl 101 E MK II

The MBL Radialstrahler Loudspeakers are synonymous with high- fidelity, true-to-life sound. The “Radialstrahler“ ensures equitable distribution of energy throughout the whole room and thus works in perfect harmony with its environment.

Like instruments in an orchestra, club, or concert, MBL speakers radiate sound 360°. It’s in the lower middle tone range that the mbl 101 E MK II really shows its special qualities. The mbl 101 E MK II achieves an incredible level of flexibility. This masterpiece brings music together with your home environment in perfect harmony.

At the same time a variety of different materials allows you to choose further options. All this means that the mbl 101 E MK II achieves an incredible level of flexibility. MBL masterpiece brings music together with your home environment in perfect harmony.

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