The New Loewe Reference UHD

The Effortless Perfection

Loewe Reference.
The perfect union of design, picture and sound

The new Loewe Reference sets exceptionally high standards. An achievement made possible by a perfectly synchronised performance: A crystal-clear Ultra-HD picture combines with outstanding quality sound from Loewe’s unique integrated soundbar.

A timeless modernist design meets ultimate convenience, thanks to the integrated hard disk recorder and Bluetooth audio streaming.

Ultra-High Definition, For the Best Picture

For Loewe, it’s all about the visual effect rather than impressive figures in a catalogue data table. Seeing is believing. 

The new Loewe Reference’s Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than a classic Full HD television. The UHD display is combined with Loewe’s unique glass high contrast filter panel, delivering even richer colours and deeper blacks – for a truly special picture.

Defined shapes, strong emotions.

Less is so much more: the Loewe Reference creates a lasting impression.

When it comes to design, for once Loewe does not offer more than other television manufacturers. It offers less – in the form of minimalist designs and geometric shapes. The new Loewe Reference is a perfect example. Its defined outlines create a style statement that will enhance any living environment.

From modern to traditional, from understated elegance to striking interior effects, the Loewe Reference is designed to integrate harmoniously in any setting while at the same time making its own individual contribution to aesthetic appeal.

Reflecting this philosophy, in addition to the colour options of Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black or High-Gloss White, the Loewe Reference also comes in the new warm shade of Dark Gold.

When switched off, the monochrome black surface of the contrast filter panel gives the Loewe Reference charismatic appeal, transforming it into a fully-fledged item of furniture in its own right.

High-end Resolution Art, with the LUMAS App

The new LUMAS Gallery app takes art into the digital dimension – and opens up new horizons. It allows you to enjoy selected works of art by internationally renowned artists – such as the Cuba series by the Stuttgart-based photographer Werner Pawlok – in high-resolution Ultra HD quality on your television screen.

The LUMAS TV app is available on the new Loewe Reference TV home screen, so you can start selecting pictures straight away – using the Loewe remote control.

Loewe 3D Active Shutter, For Even More Depth

The findings of the Frauenhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT speak for themselves – and for the Loewe Reference ID: great acoustic pressure, finely tuned sound pattern and deep, powerful tones. In the tests, the audio signal was reproduced practically unaltered across the entire spectrum from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. And even challenging music tracks with high dynamics were reproduced without distortion. The high maximum noise pressure level of up to 102 dB means that the Loewe Reference ID can fill even large rooms with a hugely impressive sound.

Powerful Dynamics, Authentic Effects.

The Loewe Reference has a sound quality to rival even high-end hi-fi and home cinema systems: tangible bass, vivid middle, precise highs and an exceptionally wide dynamic range – the traditional hallmarks of Loewe Sound.

The Loewe Reference sets particularly high standards. An integrated soundbar with eight speakers generates crystal-clear sound with a rich 120 watts of music output. In combination with the specially designed bass reflex box and integrated 5.1 audio decoder with Dolby Digital and DTS, the result is an impressive home cinema … and a perfect home concert hall.

Loewe mobile Recording, Any Time, Any Place

You’re stuck in traffic or can’t get away from a meeting…you won’t make it home in time for your favourite programme. You’re out with friends…and you suddenly realise your weekly drama is about to start.

The Loewe Reference takes the stress out of situations such as these. Loewe Mobile recording allows you to easily record programmes on the integrated Loewe DR+ 1 TB hard disk, even if you don’t happen to be at home. Leaving you free to enjoy your favourite programmes at a more convenient time! All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection.

Signal chain
Digital and crystal clear.

Experience Hollywood sound or the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in top-class audio quality. The purely digital audio signal chain (see graphic) with a very high 32-bit resolution guarantees genuine and undistorted sound, while the high dynamics ensure absolutely authentic sound for even challenging music tracks. The integrated 5.1 Decoder creates optimal surround sound for the Loewe Reference UHD – bringing you the perfect home cinema experience without additional external AV receivers.

Loewe Instant Channel Zapping a New Kind of Speed.

The arrival of the remote control has made channel zapping part and parcel of our television experience. Some people switch channels during ad breaks, while others flick through programmes in search of surprises – or for an overview of current viewing choices. Every press of the button immerses you in a completely different experience!

However, on most television sets, changing channel seems to take an unbearably long time. Help is at hand: Loewe Instant Channel Zapping – for a genuine ‘film editing’ like effect, with no dark frame.

Loewe Smart tv2move: A New Kind of Comfort Zone.

From your kitchen to your patio: the Loewe Smart tv2move app turns your tablet computer into a second television. In Loewe quality naturally! Watch live TV… without leaving your deckchair on the patio. And it is now even easier: the Magazine Programme Guide allows you to sort channel lists according to the layout of your favourite TV listings magazine using the Smart TV2move app – and then transfer this to your TV.

Loewe DR+
Conquer the boundaries of time and space.

Loewe’s exclusive DR+ technology allows you to choose precisely when you would like to watch a programme. You can interrupt viewing and carry on watching later – or use the Follow-Me function to stream the interrupted programme to another connected TV set. The Follow-Me function is available via Loewe MediaUpdate.

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