iRoom's Wall-Mount Automation iPad Docking Station

Proudly Made in Austria

The world’s best in-wall iPad docking station

The continuous development of iPad applications create new ways and opportunities to integrate iPad everyday. Often the missing piece in the puzzle is how to physically connect a space with iPad. iRoom‘s iBezel has helped solve this challenge in private homes, yachts, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, boardrooms and more.

iBezel gives you quick access to your home control system so you are prepared for whatever happens in your life. As an accessory to any complete home con- trol system, iBezel represents the most uni- versal and intelligent touch panel for the next generation. This combination enables the iBezel to work with major * control systems, offering professional wireless touch function- ality through the iPad®, paired with immedi- ate access to hardwired keypad controls.

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Up to 8 favorite functions of the compatible in- stalled devices are simply paired and configured to the iBezel. Options are limitless from lighting, shading solutions, thermostats, door systems, AV and HVAC. Seamless compatibility with a va- riety of major brands enables the iBezel to trigger environmental scenes with a fingertip. Devices can be controlled individually or combined as scenes to control a room or the entire home.


When you eject your iPad, you’ll know it’s always ready to go. When inserted into the iDock you can continue to control audio and video equipment or smart home applications.


Enjoy your in-wall iPad the way that best suits the space with landscape and portrait orientation available. All iDock models use the same installation box and are fully compatible with iPad generations 2-4, and also iPad Air 1/2.


Docking status notification, automatic closing, automatic opening in case of power failure – the iRoom iDock has it all. Thanks to the modular system you can define which of the technical and security features you want to use.

Your iPad mini has a new home

iRooms miniDock is a stylish dock for your iPad mini. The miniDock is integrated into the wall or in furniture (desk or kitchen). Whether as a music center or TV via streaming, as an electronic photo frame or as a control panel, the possibilities are endless.

iRoom‘s Minidock can be installed vertically or horizontally. iRoom‘s minidock is only compatible with the iPad mini™. For the installation of an iPad, we recommend our iRoom‘s iDock.

Permanent In-Wall Docking Solution

iRoom’s fixDock is a stylish permanent iPad in-wall solution that turns your iPad into an affordable in-wall control panel. The fixDock can be installed in the wall, but also in furniture or table tops. The fixDock comes with an installation box, so can be installed instantly.

The iPad is continuously being charged by the original iPad power adapter (not included) so always ready for action! Weather you want to use the iPad as a music center or TV via streaming, as an electronic photo frame or as a control system, iRoom’s fixDock is the most stylish solution. In order to prevent the iPad from being stolen iRoom is also offering a Security Kit accessory (not included).

Do away with all the charging cable problems

The uniDock is an universal, wireless charger for almost all mobile devices. Serving Apple Lightning, micro USB and USB 2.0, the uniDock is made for simple wall installation and operates on main power supply.

Excellent for luxury hospitality sector, where hotel guests do not need to call up the reception requesting for international power adaptors anymore. Can be installed by the bedside.

wireless charger for almost all mobile devices

Presenting itself elegantly on the wall, looking very much alike the contemporary switch next to it. Simply pull out the front panel, rotate it accordingly and charge your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry devices.

A Must have for Owners and Integrators

Whether you’re using your iPad to sit back and read the news or simply returning it to it’s in-wall “home”, you will enjoy the beautiful design and smooth action that has made iRoom’s iDock a must have for iPad owners and integrators.

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