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Defining sound for almost 70 years

For more than 65 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products of the highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendary Revox A77 reel-to-reel tape machine, which even after decades, is still seen as a milestone for top-quality audiophilia. This tradition continues today with a modular, upgradable technology concept. Then as now, Revox develops visionary and future oriented products which stand out like a shining beacon in the gloom of mass market mediocrity.


Audiophile Speakers/Multi-room Audio Distribution/Amplifiers

The Best Mirror Television You Can Get

AGATH is a French designer of high quality multimedia systems. They design, manufacture and distribute the most advanced TV sets, through a carefully selected international network of retailers. AGATH is totally dedicated to technology, and its entire team only has one ambition: to offer you the very best sound and image.


Mirror Televisions/Bespoke Mirrors

The World’s Best In-Wall Docking Solution

Whether you‘re using your iPad to sit back and read the news or simply returning it to its “in-wall home” you will enjoy the elegant design that has made iRoom’s iDock a must have for iPad owners and integrators. When you eject your iPad, you’ll know it’s always ready to go. When inserted into the iDock you can continue to control audio and video equipment or smart home applications. The integrated audio outputs of the iDock make it possible to connect the iPad to every sound system. Select and play songs like a modern-day version of the old fashioned jukebox!


iPad Wall-Mount Docking Stations/iOS and Android Wall Charging Stations

The Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience

No other television matches the picture quality, sound quality, design and features of a Loewe. This German brand has been an innovator in television technology and design since 1931 and today is the television of choice for discerning individuals worldwide. Today Loewe produces stylish integrated entertainment systems that seamlessly combine video, music and multimedia, distributed throughout the home for a complete lifestyle entertainment experience.


Premium UHD Televisions/Home Cinema System/High-end Speakers

Unique High End Audio

Over the last three decades, MBL has played a major part in breathtaking developments in the worldwide audio sector. MBL accompanied and influenced the birth and growth of high-end audio equipment. Throughout the entire process, MBL was driven by its special goal: to be the cutting edge market leader in terms of technology and quality. There was a time when the “Radialstrahler” was only an idea on a sketch-pad. An idea that many people believed would not work, was turned into patent. Thirty years and countless awards later, thousands of audiophiles in the whole world are now closer to their beloved music than they had ever dreamt of.


Ultra High End Stereophile Music System

The Ultimate Live Experience

“After years of ceaseless testing and listening I have found the ultimate combination. Today, Live Cable products have been thoroughly tested by multiple reviewers of leading trade papers and critical listeners. Based on their results and findings, I can conclude that I have successfully ended my quest in finding the Ultimate Live Experience!” – Peter Sluiter, Founder


Ultra High-end Cabling for A/V

The World’s Best in Audio/Video Connectivity

Gefen is a leading solutions provider at the forefront of the digital connectivity arena, delivering a wide selection of audio/video switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, cables, digital signage solutions and home theater accessories that support consumer, industrial and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. Gefen’s scalable solutions allow audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance.


A/V switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, cables, digital signage solutions and home theater accessories

Full-line of Premium Custom Audio Products

TruAudio was founded upon the idea that a quality, custom, home theater or multi-room audio installation requires a professional. Having begun as custom installers themselves, TruAudio continuously strives to be the type of speaker manufacturing company with whom, they would like to do business. It is from these observations that TruAudio built the soul of the company and give you the promises and commitments that they do.


Full range of installation speakers, including high-end home theater speakers, amplifiers, racks and mountings.

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