Nonplus Ultra is an exclusive distributor to a family of ultra-luxury European Lifestyle brands in India.


Literally meaning “Nothing further beyond”, NonPlus Ultra seeks to introduce a “Luxury lifestyle menu” to its network of professional channel partners across India.


Bringing these best-of-class luxury brands into India is only half the work done. We focus aggressively on building the best training curriculum for our channel partners, together with a sensible commercial philosophy that benefits everyone.

Bild 7 is loud and beautiful
With 120-Watt Integrated Soundbar
Elegant Wall-mount Charging Stations.
Never again dealing with messy cables and looking for power sockets. Fits all iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.
The world as a guest in your home.
Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver and everything under control.
Innovative Wall-Mount Docking Stations.
For iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air 1/2, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.
Hidden Technologies by Agath.
The best Mirror Television you can get.
Loewe bild 5. Made in Germany with Love and Passion.
TV Experience with a feel-good factor.

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